A Game by Simon Hvilsom Jeppsen & Jeppe Lindrup Mygh

Garrison - The Boardgame


Welcome to the Garrison

a 4-player Coop strategy boardgame

Garrison is a complex strategy coop boardgame, that uses assymetrical player roles, and randomly generated enemy patterns to create an immersive and difficult experience.

Take command of one the leaders in your garrison and collect rescources, build your garrisons infrastructure, and go to battle with one of many enemy nations.

The Town Hall

In Garrison, you will need to upgrade your infrastructure throughout the game. One of your starting buildings and primary early game key structures is the town hall. Every building in the game will have 3 upgrade slots and provide specific bonuses through the game.


Combat in Garrison

The Military units

One of the most important aspects of Garrison is maintaining, upgrading and commanding your military in the heat of the battle. Through a unique Damage Threshold dice system, Garrison delivers an easy to play and deeply tactical combat system


Test your defences against

Enemy Nations

Bolster your forces to withstand 3 attacks from a randomly drawn Enemy Nations. Each Enemy Nation will field their respective special units, tactics and abilities in their struggle against you.